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Each year the board gets a number of inquiries from residents about vendor suggestions regarding either replacement of trim wood or replacement and vinyl wrapping. If you have had this type of work done recently, we would appreciate your emailing us details about the work, who you hired, and whether you were satisfied. If you care to share the cost of the project that might also help other residents. And if you’d be willing to have other residents call or email you for details, please let us know that, as well.

In any case, if you have not inspected your windows in a few years (don’t forget the headers above the garage and back doors, as well) they are probably due! Give them a quick inspection to prevent the problem from getting worse and leading to rotted wood – it’s not always obvious from the ground floor that a problem is developing.

If you’ve had any damage to trees on your property due to the recent storms, please have the tree trimmed or removed, as necessary, as soon as possible: trees are often left unstable and we want to avoid further damage caused by having the tree collapse. All tree remains must be removed from common areas immediately. Residents will be responsible for any damage to common areas caused by leaving tree remnants in these areas.

You may use any company you wish to complete this work, but we do strongly suggest using a licensed arborist, particularly if you are going to trim the tree and attempt to save it, or replace the tree with another type. The community uses Pro Arbor:

10335 Piper Lane
Manassas, VA 20110

June 13, 2012

LCSO Offers Burglary Prevention and Victim Information to Residents

Loudoun County, VA – As the summer approaches and temperatures rise, so do the number of burglaries in Loudoun County and the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office wants you to know how to prevent these crimes and what to do if you are a victim.

As part of the agency’s burglary prevention outreach, Loudoun County Sheriff Michael L. Chapman and Loudoun Commonwealth Attorney Jim Plowman developed a video of what residents can do to help prevent them from becoming a victim, and what you should do if your home or business is burglarized. The video can be viewed at

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit reminds residents to make sure doors and windows are locked, always secure your garage door, keep your house lit from the outside (use timers), and have a trusted neighbor watch your home when you are out of town.

The Crime Prevention Unit also encourages residents to document and record your properties’ make, model and serial numbers through Operation Inventory, a prevention based program intended to help curb the ongoing thefts taking place in Loudoun County. Thieves often depend on citizens not to have key information about their belongings. Information such as serial numbers, model numbers, make and model information are key pieces of information that law enforcement uses to recover and identify stolen property. These key pieces of information help law enforcement quickly identify stolen property and aid in the prosecution of the offenders. The form can be downloaded at

In an effort to further combat residential burglaries and better prepare citizens for the time of year burglaries are most likely to happen, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit will be holding Burglary Prevention classes at three locations around the county:

 June 19th at 7PM Cascades Library – Meeting Room A
 June 20th at 7PM Purcellville Library – Robey Meeting Room
 June 21st at 7PM Ashburn Library- Story Time Room

These classes will discuss burglary and home security related topics to include burglary psychology and methodology, statistics, locks and alarms, natural surveillance, safes, lighting, landscape choices, and the Crime Triangle. Each class will be approximately 1.5 hours long with an included 30 minute question and answer segment.

As part of the agency’s efforts to prevent crimes in the community, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit also offers free home security surveys. To schedule a security survey of your home or business, please contact either Deputy First Class Nathaniel Payne at or Deputy First Class James Spurlock at

Unfortunately not all burglaries are preventable. “Always be safe,” said Sheriff Chapman. If you return home and find it has been burglarized, immediately call 911 and leave the home and find a safe place,” Chapman added.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Property Crimes Unit wants residents to know that there are several key steps you should take if you believe your home has been burglarized:

 If you return home to find that your home has been burglarized, residents are encouraged to wait outside the home, possibly in a locked car or at a neighbor’s home, until deputies arrive.

 For your safety residents are advised to never search the home yourself. There is always a chance someone could still be in the home.

 Detectives urge residents to never touch anything inside the home before deputies arrive. By touching items you could tamper with possible forensic evidence and limit the chances of a successful conclusion in the case.

By taking these steps you increase the chances of having your stolen items returned as well as increase the possibility the thieves will be caught. Residents are also encouraged to report any suspicious activity, persons or vehicles immediately by calling the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office at 703-777-1021.


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A revised Parking Policy and cover letter were mailed to all residents and owners on May 9th. Please take a moment to read about these important changes, which take effect June 15, 2012.

The letter and revised policy appear here.

The 2012 Annual Meeting and Elections will be held Tuesday, October 9th, 7 pm at Heritage Baptist Church on Shellhorn Road.

While we would very much like to meet everyone in person, the reality is that, at least to date, the annual meeting has not been well attended. Because it is our annual meeting and election, this causes a problem: if we do not have 10% of the community (including both Flynn’s and our sister HOA, Hearthside condominiums), we cannot hold the meeting and must continue to make attempts to gather at least 10% of residents for the voting.

If you do not plan to attend the annual meeting, PLEASE complete a proxy form and submit it either to NRP or directly to the Board by emailing the completed document to us. Please do not rely upon others to do this: we need every resident to take the simple step of printing and submitting this proxy, as soon as possible, to avoid a problem with the vote. You can still decide to attend in person, at which point we’ll ignore your proxy and take your note in person. Click here to download a copy of the form. Thank you!

April 5, 2012

Residents Reminded to Lock their Vehicles and Remove High-Dollar Items After Rash of Recent Thefts

Loudoun County, VA – The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents to remove high-dollar items and garage door openers from their vehicles when left unattended. In the past several days vehicles in the Lowes Island were entered and were either rummaged through or items were taken. Most of the vehicles entered were left unlocked.

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Crime Prevention Unit is offering residents several tips for deterring thefts from vehicles:

• KEEP YOUR VEHICLE LOCKED. Most stolen items are taken from vehicles that are left unlocked.

• Remove all items from your vehicle, including garage door openers, when not in use. When you cannot do this, put the items out of sight (inside a lockable glove box or trunk). If your vehicle has anintegrated garage door opener, please try to park your vehicle in the garage.

• A visible GPS unit is an obvious target, but car prowlers also look for any signs that one may be inside your vehicle, such as a mount on the window or dashboard. Even the circle impression left on the windshield from the suction cup mount is enough for thieves to break-in. They assume a GPS is hidden somewhere inside. Please try to rid your unattended vehicle of all tell-tale signs.

• Park inside your garage, if available, and keep the garage locked. Or, try to park your vehicle near or under an illuminated area.

Residents are also encouraged to register high-dollar items such as GPS units, tablets, laptops and MP3 players with the manufacturer and have the serial number available for the responding deputy if a theft occurs. This may assist with recovering the item in the event of a larceny.

Anyone with information about the perpetrators of these crimes is asked to contact the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division at 703-777-0475. If the caller wishes to remain anonymous they should call Loudoun Crime Solvers at 703-777-1919. If the information provided leads to an arrest and indictment, the caller could be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1000.


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Fairfield Ryans Corner LLC 2045 North Hwy, Ste 250, Grand Prairie, TX 75050 is building a 4-story luxury apartment complex along Shellhorn and Waxpool.   As our community is located directly adjacent to the development, the Board reviewed and discussed the development’s potential impacts with Fairfield. Highlights of their development plan are the addition of a wetpond with public access, the installation of perimeter sidewalks which includes installation of a sidewalk along Shellhorn within our common area, landscaping, and the many road improvements proferred. We found their plan to be in line with the area’s transit-oriented future, noting its proximity to planned bus and rail connections. Also, the development plans both encourage and provide for a more pedestrian- and cycle-friendly environment.

To view zoning maps, site plans and special exception documents go to:

6-3-09 Fairfield Plan Set (L0182749)

12/19/11 update from Fairfield:

As you can see, Fairfield has gained the necessary permits to begin their clearing and grading.  This process will be going on over the next couple of weeks.  They’re in the process with the County to make some adjustments with the engineering but will probably be moving forward with the installation of the onsite utilities some time in January.  The site work (Utilities, grading and on-site roads) will take them into the spring.  All weather permitting of course.  Right now, they’re projecting they won’t be going vertical on any of the buildings until probably around the May timeframe.  Again this all depends on the weather and getting through the required County requirements.

Shellhorn Road has been fully approved and the changes they’ll be making to it is adding a right turn lane onto Ashburn Village Blvd, a right turn lane into their site and extending the left turn lane that is currently on Shellhorn into their site.

Waxpool Road is still going through some of the process.  The plans have been approved, but they’re still working with 2 property owners to finalize the acquisition of the right-of-way needed to complete the improvements.  These improvements will be 4-laning Waxpool from Ashburn Rd to Faulkner.

Check out article from Washington Examiner:

Dominion Power is proposing a new electric transmission line and substation to serve the Ashburn area.  As property owner’s in the vicinity of the exiting power line right-of-way or an area being considered for new right-of-way, they’re asking for resident’s input prior to filing their applications with governmental authorities including the State Corporation Commission (SCC) for approval.  The Open House will be held:

Thursday, October 20th 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Embassy Suites, 44610 Waxpool Road, Ashburn, VA 20147.

For more information including maps with potential transmission routes and the transmission line approval process refer to:

The FCHOA Board encourages every Flynn’s Crossing resident to attend this open house to share their thoughts and ideas about this project as it may have a direct impact on our community.

Thank You!



We’ve heard from enough residents to get the preferred pricing, and are going to be scheduling the work as soon as ProArbor can accommodate us.

Please sign up by Friday, July 29th if you would like to join in, by emailing us to let us know you are a definite. We’ll then schedule the work.  As discussed in a previous post, each resident is responsible for payment to ProArbor.

Hope you’re staying cool!

The Board has worked with ProArbor Tree Care Professionals to arrange Group Buy pricing on trimming (or removal/replacement, if you are interested) of the front yard trees. If your tree is in need of trimming, as many are, this is an opportunity to get the work done at a discount, and in a uniform way throughout the community.

Based on the pricing we have seen on other trimming and removal services, we feel ProArbor’s pricing is excellent. Please note though that you are free to hire whomever you like to do the work (note that tree removal requires a Covenant Application be submitted to the HOA, prior to starting work).

Pricing is based upon us signing up at least three residents, and will vary depending on the size “crown” your particular tree has. The attached document from ProArbor gives specific pricing based on address: click here to review it.

We are asking that interested residents sign up immediately, and we’ll be setting a deadline for the signup soon, based on ProArbor’s availability. For now, please just let us know if you are definitely in; we will then contact you directly when the work is ready to be done so you can contact ProArbor and provide payment.