This year, we have seen a rise in the number of covenant (inspection) violations that have gone unresolved and incurred fines.  Below are some tips to avoid fines (or worse) when you receive a violation notice.

As you know, each year the property is inspected by our management company.  During these inspections, they are looking for issues in common areas that need to be addressed, as well as individual properties where there are violations.  Our formal community documents and rules are used as a basis for these inspections.

A violation involves an initial letter, and if necessary, second and third reminders, and finally, a hearing.  Our management company charges us to send these letters and attend hearings, and if legal action is required we are of course billed for that as well.  This is why the fine system is in place.

The board is not interested in collecting fines, and would much prefer that violations are handled as quickly as possible.  However in cases where residents delay and cost the community time and money to follow up, we rely on the fines to recoup the community’s costs, and ensure that residents in good standing are not footing the bill for delinquent neighbors.  Fines are $10 a day for each day the violation remains, up to a maximum of $900.  The board may also choose to hire a company to rectify the problem, and bill the homeowner’s account for the cost.  These fines then become a permanent part of the account, and in the worst cases can ultimately lead to a lien being placed on the property.

If you receive a notice, please handle it promptly, and contact the board or management company if you have any questions.  Simply ignoring the letters can turn a simple matter into a complicated and expensive one.

If you have any questions about the covenant guidelines or the inspection process, please see for copies of the Association documents.



The Flynn’s Crossing HOA Board Members