Below are some tips if you’re looking to replace your front yard tree.  A professional arborist has reviewed the size of the plots and taken soil samples throughout the community, and come up with the following list of trees which would do best.

When submitting your architectural application to replace the front yard tree, please include the type of tree you wish to use.  We strongly recommend choosing one from this list, so that your application can be approved as soon as possible.  Other trees may require us to consult with (and pay) the arborist for an opinion.

Best Choices

Allegheny Serviceberry

Cornlian Cherry

Fringe Tree


Ironwood/Hornbeam (Parpinus

Japanese Maple

Kousa Dogwood

Saucer Magnolia


Star Magnolia


Good Choices

American Holly



Crepe Mrtyle

Hedge Maple


River Birch

Saucer Magnolia

Southern Hawthorn

Southern Magnolia

Sweetbay Magnolia


Not Recommended

Plum trees have several disease and insect issues.

Crabapples can have disease issues if not properly cared for.

Birch trees are not recommended.