The 2013 Annual Meeting and Elections will be held Monday, October 12th, 7 pm at Heritage Baptist Church on Shellhorn Road.

While we would very much like to meet everyone in person, the reality is that, at least to date, the annual meeting has not been well attended. Because it is our annual meeting and election, this causes a problem: if we do not have 10% of the community (including both Flynn’s and our sister HOA, Hearthside condominiums), we cannot hold the meeting and must continue to make attempts to gather at least 10% of residents for the voting.

If you do not plan to attend the annual meeting, PLEASE complete a proxy form and submit it either to NRP or directly to the Board by emailing the completed document to us. Please do not rely upon others to do this: we need every resident to take the simple step of printing and submitting this proxy, as soon as possible, to avoid a problem with the vote. You can still decide to attend in person, at which point we’ll ignore your proxy and take your note in person. Click here to download a copy of the form. Thank you!