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Per Wes of NRP and NVM, residents can now drive on the streets.  NVM will be back tomorrow to finish up the section to Hearthside.

Per Wes of NRP and NVM, residents can now drive on the streets.

Fairfield Ryans Corner LLC 2045 North Hwy, Ste 250, Grand Prairie, TX 75050 is building a 4-story luxury apartment complex along Shellhorn and Waxpool.   As our community is located directly adjacent to the development, the Board reviewed and discussed the development’s potential impacts with Fairfield. Highlights of their development plan are the addition of a wetpond with public access, the installation of perimeter sidewalks which includes installation of a sidewalk along Shellhorn within our common area, landscaping, and the many road improvements proferred. We found their plan to be in line with the area’s transit-oriented future, noting its proximity to planned bus and rail connections. Also, the development plans both encourage and provide for a more pedestrian- and cycle-friendly environment.

To view zoning maps, site plans and special exception documents go to:

6-3-09 Fairfield Plan Set (L0182749)

12/19/11 update from Fairfield:

As you can see, Fairfield has gained the necessary permits to begin their clearing and grading.  This process will be going on over the next couple of weeks.  They’re in the process with the County to make some adjustments with the engineering but will probably be moving forward with the installation of the onsite utilities some time in January.  The site work (Utilities, grading and on-site roads) will take them into the spring.  All weather permitting of course.  Right now, they’re projecting they won’t be going vertical on any of the buildings until probably around the May timeframe.  Again this all depends on the weather and getting through the required County requirements.

Shellhorn Road has been fully approved and the changes they’ll be making to it is adding a right turn lane onto Ashburn Village Blvd, a right turn lane into their site and extending the left turn lane that is currently on Shellhorn into their site.

Waxpool Road is still going through some of the process.  The plans have been approved, but they’re still working with 2 property owners to finalize the acquisition of the right-of-way needed to complete the improvements.  These improvements will be 4-laning Waxpool from Ashburn Rd to Faulkner.

Check out article from Washington Examiner:

Dominion Power is proposing a new electric transmission line and substation to serve the Ashburn area.  As property owner’s in the vicinity of the exiting power line right-of-way or an area being considered for new right-of-way, they’re asking for resident’s input prior to filing their applications with governmental authorities including the State Corporation Commission (SCC) for approval.  The Open House will be held:

Thursday, October 20th 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Embassy Suites, 44610 Waxpool Road, Ashburn, VA 20147.

For more information including maps with potential transmission routes and the transmission line approval process refer to:

The FCHOA Board encourages every Flynn’s Crossing resident to attend this open house to share their thoughts and ideas about this project as it may have a direct impact on our community.

Thank You!