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HLS will be onsite for turf applications the week of June 1.  They will place small signs in the grass in areas they have treated, as a warning to those with pets and children.  Please do not remove these signs — HLS will remove them at the proper time.  Thanks!

This year, we have seen a rise in the number of covenant (inspection) violations that have gone unresolved and incurred fines.  Below are some tips to avoid fines (or worse) when you receive a violation notice.

As you know, each year the property is inspected by our management company.  During these inspections, they are looking for issues in common areas that need to be addressed, as well as individual properties where there are violations.  Our formal community documents and rules are used as a basis for these inspections.

A violation involves an initial letter, and if necessary, second and third reminders, and finally, a hearing.  Our management company charges us to send these letters and attend hearings, and if legal action is required we are of course billed for that as well.  This is why the fine system is in place.

The board is not interested in collecting fines, and would much prefer that violations are handled as quickly as possible.  However in cases where residents delay and cost the community time and money to follow up, we rely on the fines to recoup the community’s costs, and ensure that residents in good standing are not footing the bill for delinquent neighbors.  Fines are $10 a day for each day the violation remains, up to a maximum of $900.  The board may also choose to hire a company to rectify the problem, and bill the homeowner’s account for the cost.  These fines then become a permanent part of the account, and in the worst cases can ultimately lead to a lien being placed on the property.

If you receive a notice, please handle it promptly, and contact the board or management company if you have any questions.  Simply ignoring the letters can turn a simple matter into a complicated and expensive one.

If you have any questions about the covenant guidelines or the inspection process, please see for copies of the Association documents.



The Flynn’s Crossing HOA Board Members


American Disposal, our trash company, has a quick chart on their website that’s a great reminder for what they recycle and what they do not.  You can download it here.

Below are some tips if you’re looking to replace your front yard tree.  A professional arborist has reviewed the size of the plots and taken soil samples throughout the community, and come up with the following list of trees which would do best.

When submitting your architectural application to replace the front yard tree, please include the type of tree you wish to use.  We strongly recommend choosing one from this list, so that your application can be approved as soon as possible.  Other trees may require us to consult with (and pay) the arborist for an opinion.

Best Choices

Allegheny Serviceberry

Cornlian Cherry

Fringe Tree


Ironwood/Hornbeam (Parpinus

Japanese Maple

Kousa Dogwood

Saucer Magnolia


Star Magnolia


Good Choices

American Holly



Crepe Mrtyle

Hedge Maple


River Birch

Saucer Magnolia

Southern Hawthorn

Southern Magnolia

Sweetbay Magnolia


Not Recommended

Plum trees have several disease and insect issues.

Crabapples can have disease issues if not properly cared for.

Birch trees are not recommended.



Our annual meeting is Monday, November 10th at the Heritage Baptist Church.  See our meeting page for details.

It’s critical for us to have quorum at the annual meeting so that we can elect new officers and conduct other annual business.  Every year, we ask residents to either attend the annual meeting personally, or submit a proxy form so that we can count your vote in your absence and ensure that the meeting does not have to be rescheduled.  Please submit a proxy as soon as possible.  If you later decide to attend in person, we can simply disregard the proxy form.

Thanks, and we hope to see you at the meeting!


Per recent mail and email notices, old parking passes are now expired.  Please discard them, as they will no longer be honored.

If you have not yet picked up your new parking passes, please plan on being at the HOA Meeting this coming Monday, March 10 at 6:45 PM.  The meeting starts promptly at 7:00, so we will have 15 minutes to distribute passes before moving on to the agenda.  If you arrive after 7 PM, we will have a few minutes at the end of the meeting to distribute passes as well.

Please bring a registration form and photo ID.  Renters: you will need authorization from your landlord to pick the passes up.  Please have them email us this authorization.


Please see the note below.  The Registration Form can be downloaded at this link and will also be provided on tag pickup nights.

Current parking tags expire March 7.

New tags must be displayed starting March 7 and can be picked up, in person, Tuesday Feb 25 or Thursday Mar 6 at 7 PM at Heritage Church.

Please check your mailbox for full details.  Thanks!


The 2013 Annual Meeting and Elections will be held Monday, October 12th, 7 pm at Heritage Baptist Church on Shellhorn Road.

While we would very much like to meet everyone in person, the reality is that, at least to date, the annual meeting has not been well attended. Because it is our annual meeting and election, this causes a problem: if we do not have 10% of the community (including both Flynn’s and our sister HOA, Hearthside condominiums), we cannot hold the meeting and must continue to make attempts to gather at least 10% of residents for the voting.

If you do not plan to attend the annual meeting, PLEASE complete a proxy form and submit it either to NRP or directly to the Board by emailing the completed document to us. Please do not rely upon others to do this: we need every resident to take the simple step of printing and submitting this proxy, as soon as possible, to avoid a problem with the vote. You can still decide to attend in person, at which point we’ll ignore your proxy and take your note in person. Click here to download a copy of the form. Thank you!


Please read the following carefully as it involves the temporary closing of Flynn’s Crossing roads for important maintenance.

This week all owners and tenants should be receiving a notice in the mail regarding Spring inspections and important announcements.  The most pressing of those is about the repair and seal coating of all community roads.  Because this activity is very dependent upon the weather, we are unable to send any further mailings — please be sure to check this blog for updates, as well as signing up for our email alerts here to make sure you do not miss any announcements.

Seal coating will be done during the day and require the community roads to essentially be closed (roads to Hearthside condominiums will be paved in stages so as to allow Hearthside traffic to pass but you SHOULD NOT assume that you will have any access to any Flynn’s Crossing roads, or to your home even if you live on Ryan Park, as your side of the road may be closed at any time during the process).  Seal coating will take at least overnight to dry, meaning you will either have to plan on your car remaining in your driveway/garage overnight and into the next day, or park your vehicle outside the community.  We strongly encourage you to find parking elsewhere as once this work begins there can be no traffic.  The paving company will remove the barriers when the coating is completely dry: please do not move any barriers yourself, regardless of whether the pavement looks passable.



  • May 3rd or 6th – Concrete sidewalk repairs/Flora Springs paved trail work (roads are OPEN)
  • May 13th – Asphalt Patching throughout the community to seal cracks (Roads are open but watch for cones)
  • May 14th – Seal Coating Day One (roads are CLOSED.  this is split over two days to allow access to Hearthside throughout the process)
  • May 16th – Seal Coating Day Two (roads are CLOSED)

Again, seal coating will take at least overnight to dry, so please make arrangements to park your car elsewhere or leave it in your garage/driveway during this time.

Please check back often for the latest updates or be sure to sign up for our email alerts to ensure you are notified of updates.  Thanks for your understanding – this seal coating is an important step in ensuring that our roads remain properly maintained.



Loudoun County residents are encouraged to attend upcoming community meetings to provide input on the county’s response to Phase II of Virginia’s Watershed Implementation Plan (Phase II WIP).

Watershed Implementation Plans are roadmaps for reducing the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment that enters the Chesapeake Bay from its watershed. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has required each state with waters draining into the Chesapeake Bay to submit a Watershed Implementation Plan. Additionally, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation requested that localities, including Loudoun County, submit a plan outlining how local pollution reduction goals for nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment could be met.

Residents will have an opportunity to ask questions and provide input on the Loudoun pollution reduction plan during three open house-style meetings in May. The open houses will be identical in format and content, but are being held in different locations for the convenience of the public.

Thursday, May 9, 2013, from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Ashburn Library, 43316 Hay Road, Ashburn

Tuesday, May 14, 2013, from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Cascades Library, 21030 Whitfield Place, Potomac Falls

Thursday, May 16, 2013, from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.

Purcellville Town Hall, 221 South Nursery Avenue, Purcellville

If you require any type of reasonable accommodation, as a result of a physical, sensory, or mental disability, to participate in any of these meetings, please contact Robin Geiger at 703-771- 5511. Three days’ notice is requested.

Detailed information on Phase II WIP is available on the Loudoun County website at